Help Protect Your Customers and Employees Against Speading the Disease

The safety of your customers and employees from Covid-19 transmission is one of the biggest issues you are facing. It’s good business and socially responsible to protect those who enter your store by reducing the risk of this terrible virus. In response to the pandemic, the retail fixtures division of DisplayMax has developed a line of portable sneeze guards for convenience stores and other retailers who transact business face-to-face with customers. 

We understand that during this critical time, your customers want to trust that you are caring for their well being, and for your employees, it is about peace of mind as they work. In a typical retail store setting it is difficult to transact business 6’ apart and just as important, you never know who will walk into your store unaware that they are spreading the virus. A barrier of protection provides a quick and inexpensive solution.

Convenience stores are most at risk with people entering the premises and unknowingly carrying the virus with them. Installing EZ Sneeze Guards between the customers and employees helps stop the spread of the virus and other germs transmitted through cough and sneeze droplets. These portable, clear dividers create a physical separation at the checkout counter is a quick and inexpensive way to address this most urgent issue.

DisplayMax offers two options to choose from to fit your checkout area:

Both are available to ship from our Howell, Michigan warehouse. If you need help, we can also professionally install these in your store locations.

The Coronavirus will continue to have a major impact on our daily lives and the basic operation of your stores. There are positive signs that we may be past the worst of it but we’re still facing uncharted territory before reaching any sense of the “new normal.”

When will we reach that point? No one really knows.

One thing you can do in the meantime is to focus on maintaining trust with your loyal customers. A quick and affordable way to do this is to install sneeze guards at each of your cash register areas.

This simple layer of protection helps stop the spread of this vicious virus between your customers and employees. Installing sneeze guards in your store is good for business and provides you with these key benefits:

  • Creates a sense of safety and trust with customers
  • Provides peace of mind for your employees as they work
  • A 14″ product pass-through keeps the checkout process moving
  • Allows you to keep current merchandising  and displays on the counter
  • Easy to install or remove
  • Won’t damage you counter

We designed these sneeze guards to be very easy to install. Open the video below to see just how simple it is easy to create this valuable barrier.

For more information about the Sneeze Guards follow this link.