As predicted, this pandemic is not going away anytime soon. It’s evolved into a long-term challenge that every retailer, large and small, must face until it’s brought under control. Even though the threat has subsided in some regions and increased in others, many shoppers remain cautious and will for a long time to come. The changes you implemented are critical to making them feel confident they can safely shop in your stores.

After many months of dealing with COVID, an evaluation of your safety measures is needed to ensure that your stores are up to the challenge.

Positioning a hand sanitizer stand at every entrance of your store is an effective way to keep your customers safe and show that their health is important. If you are still searching for a well-built solution for hand sanitizers, DisplayMax has several options to meet the needs of your store or office.

At the beginning of the pandemic, many of your health and safety measures were likely implemented in haste without time to research your options. During the rush to find sneeze guards, hand sanitizer stations, and other critical items, you compromised on quality because you were faced with a “take what you can get” mentality.

Now that the “new normal” is evolving into a reality, it’s time to look at what you implemented and upgrade or replace what has broken or worn out. This is especially true for sneeze guards and hand sanitizer stands.
At the start of 2020, these weren’t even on your radar! But today they are important fixtures in your store that customers expect to see.

According to a recent study, the availability of hand sanitizer at entrances and checkout is the top driver of trust for many stores. However, only 27 percent of stores had sanitizer inside the location entrance and 25 percent made it available near the checkout. Adding a stand to your store is an easy way to further build trust with customers.

If they are damaged, worn out, and need to be replaced, we have quality solutions for these important elements of your store.

hand santizer stand, Hand Sanitizer Floor Stands Show Customers You Care About Their Health, DisplayMax Retail ServicesARX Hand Sanitizer Floor Stand

Compact, strong, and durable is how you describe this hand sanitizer floor stand from ARX. With a 14” x 14” footprint it requires little space on your retail floor and has superior durability with its solid design and high-gauge steel construction.

Each stand has a powder-coated finish that can be matched to your brand specifications. You can also have your logo printed on the post or the sign topper on orders of 100 units or more. Even the stainless steel drip pan can be pad printed with your message.

hand santizer stand, Hand Sanitizer Floor Stands Show Customers You Care About Their Health, DisplayMax Retail ServicesWall Mount Hand Sanitizer

Do you have limited floor space or need to place a hand sanitizer in a more prominent place? The ARX wall-mounted unit gives you the flexibility to install wherever you need.

Constructed of the same quality materials, touch-free dispenser, and drip pan as the free-standing model, it’s built to provide you with many years of continuous service.

hand santizer stand, Hand Sanitizer Floor Stands Show Customers You Care About Their Health, DisplayMax Retail ServicesLozier Hand Sanitizer Floor Stand

Lozier store fixtures have developed a model that is built to endure in the most demanding retail stores. This heavy-duty unit features a two upright system with a sturdy, tubular base that can handle the inevitable contact at your store entrance.

At a height of 74”, it has a commanding presence but requires little floor space with a 17” x 19” footprint. To communicate your safety or marketing message, it includes a 12”x 24” sign holder that integrates into the stand. Each stand includes a standard graphic sign but can easily be changed to display your branding.

A quality EcoLab touch-free dispenser and disinfecting foaming hand sanitizer cartridge are included and refills are available.

All retailers now operate in a COVID-19 world. This will be the case for many months, if not years, to come. Implementing permanent changes, including a hand sanitizer floor stand that face up to this reality will be good for both your bottom and the health and safety of your customers.