Most convenience store owners don’t utilize the retail counter to its full potential. Do you? There are always ways you can improve on your checkout counter and it’s possibly the most important part of your store, so it needs to be used properly in order to improve your store’s sales.

So, how does one effectively use their retail counter?

If you have an effective retail counter, for maximum profits, you need to merchandise your highest selling products sales around it. It’s all about creating high transaction value with every customer and your retail counter is where you do this. Your retail counter is the last impression you are able to make on the customer before they leave the store. It’s your job to make that a good one! Will they remember a messy cluttered counter? Or will they be impressed by the organization and the amount of merchandise available to them at the counter? The choice is all yours.

How can I make the most of my retail counters you ask? Well, there are many ways you can benefit and DisplayMax is here to help with your retail counters by selecting the perfect:

  • Color and finish options
  • Logos placement
  • Branding elements
  • Storage options
  • Shelving configuration
  • Cash drawers

DisplayMax takes this portion of your business very seriously and can help you achieve greater customer transaction value by designing an effective retail counter. Our know-how and experience will help you make your retail counters the place where selection, customer service, and sales and upsells come together to produce profitable transactions.

DisplayMax has helped many retailers design, build and install their checkout counters, food stations, and beverage bars. We’d love to help you too.

Let the DisplayMax retail store experts help you design and execute your convenience store checkout counter area. Call 810-494-0400 to get started. Or click here to tell us about your project.