Sometimes you just need more space. That was the case with DisplayMax until we recently moved to our new home at 327 Catrell Drive in Howell, MI.

The demand for more room for our offices and fixture warehouse was becoming an issue that was joyfully solved by our leadership team. A lack of space can be a serious barrier to growth. For the past few years, we have to burst at the seams in our offices with a desk, phone, and computer being planted wherever room was available; usually without a door. The same was true for our fixture warehouse. When a full truck from Lozier or other suppliers would arrive, the annoying game of “where in the world are we going to put this” commenced. Eventually, it would be figured out of the course of a day or two but wasted many man-hours in the process.

No more! We now have 35,000 sq. ft. of space to work with.

As for office space, we now have plenty of room for two floors of personal offices with a large conference room on each. Our project managers are located on the upper floor giving them the opportunity to easily brainstorm and discuss projects. They even have their own restroom (which is very important for a group of project managers.) On the ground floor are our leadership, accounting, marketing, and fixture teams. All now enjoy a door and ample space to be more productive.

Two of the best new spaces are the lunch area and showroom/training room. At DisplayMax, the lunchroom is more of a social gathering space than just a kitchen with a coffee machine. It is the heart of our operations. Thanks to our leadership team, we often celebrate birthdays and take turns cooking for each other on Fridays. It’s always a place to joke and laugh with each other and conduct business. That’s part of what makes our company special.

The showroom and training are is a large room where we have set up examples of our Lozier gondola shelving, retail counters, and display products. New team members will be trained to take these down and set back up again so they will know how to build a gondola before they every reach a store. This will ensure that they can properly, and safely, assemble the most common fixtures. This knowledge and skill will allow us to maintain the highest quality installation standards in the retail industry.

Our limited warehouse capacity was an issue that needed to be overcome. We now have 30k of floor space with 25 foot high ceilings to place heavy-duty racking full of Lozier store fixtures. Since we stock three colors of gondola and shelving, having enough bays to adequately handle inventory has improved productivity and saved countless hours. We now can expand some of our selection of shelves, boards, and accessories. We are now able to offer special stocking and logistics of materials for customer projects. This helps control their costs and allows us to better manage the execution. We now can handle stocking special orders as well. We are doing this with wire candy shelving for the Speedway chain of fuel & convenience stores. Our new fixture warehouse allowed us to process, stock, and ship orders to their stores throughout the country.

The combination of the new office space and fixture warehouse has set us on a new path to better serve retailers of all sizes in many different markets. Check out the photos of the warehouse below.