Shoppers are still very cautious when it comes to returning to retail stores and are going to be selective about where they shop. A recent study by a global market research company* revealed that 61% will avoid a store because they don’t see tangible protections implemented that make them feel safe.

Using thousands of mystery shops across the U.S. they found also found many gaps between customer safety expectations and what stores are doing:

  • Employees at 25% of the stores visited wore face coverings improperly or not at all inside the store.
  • 77% of the stores visited did not provide any hand sanitizing or handwashing solution inside the entrance.
  • 64% of the stores visited had no staff actively cleaning interior high traffic areas, such as carts/baskets, counters, credit card readers, doors, and demos.
  •  31% of the stores visited did not have sneeze guard dividers at checkout.

These numbers show that retailers need to better align their operations with the new realities brought on by the pandemic. On the surface, it may seem that life is shifting toward the new normal but shoppers are still hesitant until they see the proof in your stores.

What health and safety measures have you put into place to show customers that you are serious about protecting them? Are you losing sales because they are not comfortable in your store?

Our Retail Renewal Services can help you fill the gaps in your stores and show shoppers they are your top priority. We focus on three critical aspects of your store operations where you can build a line of defense to keep customers safe: Customer Flow, Checkout Areas, and Customer Safety.

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* – “Consumer behavior in the time of COVID-19″ June 10, 2020