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Automatic Restroom Dispensers Provide Customers Safety and Confidence

The importance of customer health and safety while shopping in your stores cannot be overstated. You didn’t need a major public health crisis to make you aware that your restroom conditions are crucial to the overall perception of your business.

However, the Coronavirus pandemic has elevated the cleanliness requirement for restrooms to an entirely new level. Frequent cleaning is no longer enough. Customers are now mindful of everything that they touch and in a public restroom, all hard surfaces are suspected transmission points for bacteria and viruses.

Like so many recent issues related to the pandemic, drawing shoppers back through your doors is fundamentally about rebuilding trust with them. Are they comfortable coming back into your stores? Especially, the restrooms.

For restrooms, one of the most prudent upgrades you can make is to install automatic soap dispensers, paper towels dispensers, and touch-free waste receptacles. Placing hands-free models of these common restroom fixtures will provide customers, and employees, peace of mind that they can safely use your facilities.

While upgrading to automatic dispensers is simple, we recommend installing battery-powered units. This allows you to avoid the need for professional electrical services. Aside from refills of soap or towels, the only maintenance is occasionally changing batteries.

At Displaymax, we can supply you with the dispenser units you need and install them in all your locations throughout the country. We are very experienced at executing nationwide roll-outs of in-store initiatives that require high skill and full compliance at every location.

If you do require professional electrical services, we can assist you with that as well with our team retail electric team.

We are your turnkey solution for permanent, physical store upgrades as you vigilantly work to protect your customers. Below are examples of the automatic dispensers for soap and towels that we can provide you. There are many options available for you to choose from. Let our retail fixture experts help you select the one that fits your needs.

ROVAL Stainless Steel, Automatic Soap and Hand Sanitizer Dispenser (10-0362)

automatic soap dispenser, Automatic Soap Dispensers, DisplayMax Retail Services

This automatic, battery-operated dispenser provided hands-free operation with a large capacity soap dispenser.  The attractive, satin stainless steel finish has a translucent window for easy level-checking and refilling. The removable internal tank has an LED light that indicates when the battery is low.

San Jamar Tear-N-Dry Electronic Towel Dispenser (T1390)

automatic soap dispenser, Automatic Soap Dispensers, DisplayMax Retail Services

The Tear-N-Dry Electronic Towel Dispenser is a simple, battery powered hands-free towel dispensing. It provides 10″ paper portions with each use. Because there is no need to wait for a sensor this dispenser is ideal for high traffic restrooms. Battery usage is equivalent to dispensing one hundred 800-ft. paper towel rolls so it requires less maintenance.

Piatto™ Automatic PT Dispenser, Battery Operated (645210A-00)

automatic soap dispenser, Automatic Soap Dispensers, DisplayMax Retail Services

This automatic paper towel dispenser is designed to be completely recessed into the restroom wall. The phenolic door is attached to the cabinet using field-adjustable, quality hinges and is secured shut by an internal spring-loaded latch. All hardware is concealed giving it a clean, elegant look.

ASI Free Standing 19 Gallon Waste Receptacle (0813)

automatic soap dispenser, Automatic Soap Dispensers, DisplayMax Retail Services

This waste receptacle is designed for ease of use and maintenance. Constructed of heavy duty stainless steel with satin finish, it has a 19 gallon capacity with vinyl wall bumpers at the top and bottom to protect your walls. The rubber feet located in all four corners of bottom protects the floor and prevent sliding.

To learn more about these critical dispenser units, contact our team. Choose how you would like to communicate with us: call 810-494-0400, submit the completed form below or enter a live chat by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner.

automatic soap dispenser, Automatic Soap Dispensers, DisplayMax Retail Services

Installing Hand Sanitizer Stands is an important "Actionable Idea to Defend Your Store from COVID"

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automatic soap dispenser, DisplayMax Retail Services
automatic soap dispenser, DisplayMax Retail Services

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