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Improve Your Checkout Counter Areas to Increase Safe Shopping

checkout counter refit, Checkout Counter Refit, DisplayMax Retail ServicesYour checkout counter area is where shoppers come in closest contact with each other for an extended period of time. Health experts continue to warn that this is one area in a store that carries the most risk for virus transmission.

The initial response to this is that many retailers placed an “X’ made from tape or a vinyl graphic on the floor to encourage safe social distancing between shoppers at the checkout counter.

However, this is a short-term solution that can compromise impulse sales. A permanent strategy to control the distancing and flow of customers through checkout is needed to ensure safety while stimulating sales. It may require re-configuring, refitting, or adding to your checkout counters.

Altering the checkout counter area can be a major project. But with predictions of the Coronavirus making a comeback this fall any upgrades must be approached as a strategic long-term investment.

A major shift in the checkout process caused by the pandemic is the adoption of contactless payment systems. This may require a refit of your counters to accommodate new card readers and rewiring of the power and data lines. With over 50% of shoppers saying they are likely to select retailers that offer this safer system, it is an important option to consider for your retail recovery.

It’s safe to say that your current checkout counter design and layout were not built with a disruptive, health crisis in mind. Now is the time to review your configuration and look at ways to prepare for the next time this happens to your business.

Here are several solutions for you to consider as you address this critical issue:

  • Change Your Counter Configuration: Most checkout counters are designed for customers to flow through a straight line. Consider a U-shape or an L-shape to create more checkout stations and establish space between counter employees.
  • Add an Extension or Return: If additional space is available adjacent to the existing checkout, consider adding another cabinet or display to lengthen the overall counter. This will allow for more merchandising opportunities at the point-of-sale.
  • Install a Sneeze Guard: An acrylic sneeze guard mounted to the checkout counter is a sure way to create a safer shopping experience for shoppers. It also builds confidence that you are taking action to guard against the Coronavirus.
  • Remove Unused Checkouts: A major part of changing the configuration of your checkout counter area is to remove unused checkout areas. Too often, valuable space is taken up by a station that is only used on the busiest of days. This is a trade-off that needs to be addressed but gaining space for social distancing should be a top priority.

Checkout counter areas are valuable territory in any retail store. In this time of figuring out the “new normal”, they offer numerous ways to meet the challenges brought on by this pandemic. It does take some imagination and vision to alter these areas. But there are plenty of fixtures, displays, and custom millwork that can easily be added that will have a major impact.

The DisplayMax Retail Renewal team can help you identify strategic opportunities in your checkout areas that can make a difference. We can help design and manufacture new millwork and cabinets for your checkout. We can also supply you with Lozier gondola shelving and queuing line fixtures that you need to leverage the area for more sales opportunities.

Take the first step in the process and fill in the form below and one of our experts will be in touch to discuss the specifics of your store. Or, feel free to call us at 810-494-0400 for immediate assistance.

checkout counter refit, Checkout Counter Refit, DisplayMax Retail Services

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checkout counter refit, DisplayMax Retail Services
checkout counter refit, DisplayMax Retail Services

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