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Hands Free Door Hardware Helps Stop the Spread of Infectious Diseases

As the world settles into the new normal, the battle against transmitting disease will  carry on throughout society.  People have a heightened awareness of what they physically touch in public and the risks they find acceptable when shopping. It’s a serious issue that will require greater insights into customer behavior trends over time. The fact is, that this issue is not just limited to “germaphobes” any more and demands attention at every level of your store operations.

As you invest money to upgrade your retail facilities to a safer, hands-free environment, it is necessary to consider one specific location that many people touch with little thought; your restroom doors.

To help prevent transmission of viruses and germs between shoppers and employees you can’t forget this commonly used part of your store. The most effective strategy you can implement is to add hands-free hardware to the doors. There are excellent products available that allow your customers and employees to open restroom doors without actually touching them. These includes a door foot opener and arm door handle. Both provide hands-free operation that achieve the goals of long-term health and safety guidelines after the pandemic has subsided.

 Door Foot Opener

Hand Free Foot Door PullA foot operated door opener that works on any latch-less commercial wood or metal door. It is mounted at the bottom of the door and allows shoppers to step on the opener and pull the door open with their foot. It is a very simple device that allows almost anyone to a door with little effort and without using their hands. Installation only takes a few minutes with minimal tools required. 

Hands Free Door Handle

hands free door handlA hands free door handle also allows your customers to open restroom doors without actually touching them.  The design of these unique handles make it easy for any user to slip their arm into the opening and pull. Their hand never comes into contact with the door handle, and so never touches any germs that may be residing on that handle.


Both of these hands free door hardware can be installed in less than a half hour and retrofit on almost any non-latching door and are an excellent addition to a health and safety program of any retail store. Contact the DisplayMax fixture experts to learn more or place you order. Call 810-494-0400 or submit the form below with your information.

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