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New Technology Will Drive Retail Past the Covid Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated big shifts that were already in motion throughout the retail industry. Our culture and shopping habits have experienced drastic changes in behavior with the lockdown of the economy and the repositioning of grocery, pharmacy, and home supply as “essential” businesses that must stay open to serve the public. These stalwart retail channels provided the basic blueprint for operations as social distancing may become a way of life until a vaccine is approved.

New consumer behaviors formed during the pandemic will become habits the longer these measures last. These habits have presented many new challenges that retailers must meet to stay in lockstep with their shoppers.

Many new technologies are being developed to overcome the changes that were brought on by the extended lockdown. Here are several trends that are sure to impact the marketplace as we move forward to the new normal:

Online Orders

A significant shift to eCommerce is the most notable as customers shopped online and utilized curbside pickup or delivery of their orders. How this plays out in the future will significant to the marketing and merchandising strategies of retailers. Is the thrill of the shopping experience be replaced by the apprehension of entering the store? And, how can retailers recapture profitable impulse and upsell sales which are sure to dwindle because of this habit?

Curbside Pickup

As government officials continue to promote social distancing, curbside pickup will continue to grow and become a mainstay. Retailers will be required to remodel and reconfigure areas of their store to accommodate the racking and systems needed for creating these services. This includes the signage and traffic markers needed to guide drivers to the correct spots to avoid congestion.

Contactless Payment Systems

Safety concerns at the checkout will remain after the pandemic is over. Shoppers have realized that touching the buttons and keypad on POS card reader and handling cash elevates risk. Customers are now opting for contactless cards and mobile payments instead. The data shows that 22% of shoppers used a digital wallet to buy at least one product in a physical store. This will continue newer technology is developed to meet this trend.

Cashierless Checkouts

The cashierless checkout model has been in development for a number of years in the convenience store market. Using modern technologies like cameras, sensors, and computer vision techniques, retailers can automate all aspects of the shopper’s experience from purchase, checkout, and payment. With this model human interaction is limited as is the transmission of any germs or viruses.

Since serving the retail industry with installation services for over 29 years, the DisplayMax team has been privileged to see new technology advance in stores. This where the experience, skill, and adaptability of our team members shine. We accept the challenge of installing new technology and re-configuring existing retail environments that advance the industry. Technology will be at the forefront of the newest evolution of the retail store and we will be there to put it together for retailers and CPG companies like you.

To discuss the installation of your new technology programs in your stores, contact the DisplayMax team at 810-494-0400. Or, fill in the form below and we will respond to you promptly.

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retail technology installation, DisplayMax Retail Services
retail technology installation, DisplayMax Retail Services

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