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Utilize Planogram Resets to Persuade Safe Shopper Traffic Flow

planogram, Planogram Resets, DisplayMax Retail ServicesSince the dawn of the retail industry, product placement has been a crucial strategy of turning shoppers into buyers. The product planogram evolved into a critical element that merchandisers relied upon to create visual appeal to attract and influence customers at the moment of decision.

Over the years, retailers have become very proficient at creating product categories and planograms that guide customers to their products. With the challenge of maximizing aisle space to create consistent social distancing in stores, product planogram resets have taken on new importance.

Every busy retail store has natural shopper traffic choke points where people converge at one time that breaks the six-foot social distancing guidelines. The checkout is the most obvious spot but there are many other locations in the center store that have the potential to shatter this rule and need attention to meet compliance.

In grocery stores, the deli and dairy sections are spaces where people closely congregate. During the holidays that shifts to the baking products or candy aisles. A pharmacy always has shoppers waiting at the prescription desk but during late fall and throughout the winter the cold and flu season remedy section is especially vulnerable. Of course, these chokepoints vary with each type of store, product category, and time of year but a quick visual survey during peak shopping times will reveal a great deal.

A category or product planogram reset can be a useful tool in the battle against this problem.

With the Coronavirus scare, it is imperative to identify these areas and consider resetting product planograms of categories where customers gather. A little strategic, out-of-the-box thinking can lead to moving product sets to new locations that have more physical aisle space which allows for more distancing. Along with aisle realignment, better shopper traffic flow can be achieved that makes cautious customers more comfortable.

An uncomfortable customer doesn’t shop; they hunt for what they need and checkout as fast as possible. To fully recover from this unprecedented medical crisis, you need to create new safety measures that are significant and noticeable to those types of shoppers. A planogram reset is an excellent tool to achieve this without great expense.

The Displaymax Team can help you with the reset of product categories throughout your store. We have extensive experience with store remodels and planogram changes. We can also reconfigure your gondola shelving, checkout counters, and displays to gain valuable space that will allow your stores to be compliant in this new age of retail.

To find out how we can help you with planogram resets, contact our team. Choose how you would like to communicate with us: call 810-494-0400, submit the completed form below or enter a live chat by clicking the icon in the bottom right corner.

planogram, Planogram Resets, DisplayMax Retail Services

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planogram, DisplayMax Retail Services
planogram, DisplayMax Retail Services

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