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Install New Signage to Communicate New Store Safety Measures

safety sign installation, Sign Installation, DisplayMax Retail ServicesMany shoppers have yet to visit your stores since this pandemic began back in early March. There is a certain percentage of the market that is very cautious when it comes to shopping once again. With these customers, your store signage is crucial for communicating the measures you have taken to keep them safe.

Indeed, the safety measures you have put in place are important to all of your customers no matter their attitude toward the Coronavirus.

You may have placed temporary signs throughout your stores as an early response to the pandemic. These were quickly printed and installed just to get something up and working. With the threat subsiding and prediction of a return of the virus in the fall, now is the time to review your permanent strategy for communicating direction information and expectations that are specific to shopper safety.

Sign installation is an integral part of the DisplayMax Retail Renewal program. There are several strategic areas where signs can be placed or relocated to keep customers informed:

  • Entry Signs: Well-placed signs near entrance doors are a must to communicate your expectations for customers. Window decals and banners need to be installed to let them know what is required to shop at your store.
  • New Aisle Markers: Overhead aisle markers have always been used for locating products. Now they can be utilized for safety information and directional instructions to keep shopper flow moving efficiently in the best direction.
  • Floor Markers: Printed vinyl floor decals are a common method to encourage social distancing. Scheduled replacement of these floor signs is necessary as they will become worn with continued traffic.
  • Directional Signs: These types of signs are often posted on columns, walls, and store fixtures to communicate frequently asked questions or to point them toward where they need to go.
  • Informational Signs: Strategically placed informational signs are imperative. Installing these in the right locations should be the minimum of the safety measures you implement.

Upgrading and installing any of these types of retail signs to your decor package to communicate safety guidelines and guide customers efficiently through their shopping journey is a long-term investment. With the prediction of a return of the Coronavirus in the fall, your stores will be prepared and avoid disruptions to business. And, it will show your customers that you have their best interest in mind and give them the confidence to shop with you.

Sign and décor package installation is one of our core services at DisplayMax. Our team can replace your sign package quickly at many locations nationwide. To learn more, complete the form below or contact us at 810-494-0400.

safety sign installation, Sign Installation, DisplayMax Retail Services

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safety sign installation, DisplayMax Retail Services
safety sign installation, DisplayMax Retail Services

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safety sign installation, Sign Installation, DisplayMax Retail Services

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safety sign installation, Sign Installation, DisplayMax Retail Services

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safety sign installation, Sign Installation, DisplayMax Retail Services

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