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DMax-3D Virtual Store Scans & Mapping

The New Standard for Accuracy, Productivity & Control

The first step of any successful in-store retail initiative is a thorough survey of your store dimensions and conditions. Without accurate and complete data for your planners, designers, and architects to utilize, your project is sure to face costly issues and the outcome of the program will suffer. It’s easy for a project to get out of control when you start with imprecise data.

Most traditional store surveys contain problems due to faulty measurements, omissions, or miscounts. This is usually expected because human beings are measuring, accumulating and recording the data. The bottom line is that poor, inaccurate surveys can compromise your process and lead to these budget eroding factors:

  • Wasted design, production and installation time
  • Imprecise floor plans, unreliable planograms, and inexact marketing materials
  • Missed execution deadlines, launch delays, and expensive return visits

The Solution is a DMax-3D Virtual Store Mapping

A 3D virtual store scan is the ultimate solution for the collection, dissemination, and control of interior store surveys. It is not your typical survey with a bunch of photos, spreadsheets and  scribbled notes. Just think of it as Google street view of your stores where you can measure, tag, and notate!

This service gives you a digital 3D image of your store from multiple angles which provides you an accurate and detailed virtual reality journey through the space. With a single scan, we can automatically create 3D walk-throughs, 4K print quality photos, schematic floor plans, OBJ files, point clouds, videos, and other media.

Each scan is uploaded to the cloud and is available online for all your teams to utilize. Design, planogram, production and construction can now work together from anywhere at any time. It captures existing conditions before the design phase, replaces time-consuming manual measurements, and eliminates the human errors inherent to hand-drawn notes and measurements.

One Scan of Your Space, Endless Possibilities for Your Team

DMax-3D Virtual Mapping allows your team to control exactly what they need to measure, count, and tag any image or attribute and give them the most detailed and accurate insights. Direct from their desktop or mobile devices, they can be more productive, shorten design time and collaborate anywhere with anyone at any time.

There are other 3D imaging software products available that will give you an image to view. But ours contains these tools that are within 99% accuracy and allows your team to notate their work on the fly. The amount of data you can glean is almost unlimited.

Add Detailed Measurements to Each Element

Tag Scans with Critical Data

Here are a few of the key benefits you receive with DMax-3D Virtual Store Mapping:

  • Digitally map existing retail spaces and capture dimensional, physical attributes, and visual data
  • Easily document any aspect of a facility’s condition, fixtures, equipment and graphics
  • Replace manual store measurements with precise 99% accurate on-screen measuring tools
  • Ensure the accuracy of dimensions and eliminate hand drawn sketches
  • Tag all the information you need to communicate in each 3D view
  • Decrease time to create new layouts and deliver plans for approval
  • Improve collaboration between distant project teams from anywhere in the world

This service truly is a game-changer for how you develop and design the interior of your stores. To schedule a demo and learn more, fill in the form below or contact the DisplayMax team to learn more at 810-494-0400.

Take a DMax-3D Store Scan Test Drive

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Yes, We Also Execute Traditional Store Surveys

Store-Survey-MeasurementsIf only requires basic measurements or an audit of existing conditions, we have team members who can perform the traditional measure and record type method of store surveys.

Our nationwide team of specialists can visit your locations and perform detailed audits on all fixtures and displays. All survey results and data will be uploaded to our ProjectMax reporting system for easy retrieval and data management.

DisplayMax can perform a fixture and display audit of your stores to give you insight for future development. Our store audit team can:

  • Count and Catalog All Existing Fixtures
  • Measure Fixture Base Decks and Shelving
  • Count Existing Shelving
  • Log and Photograph Fixture Condition
  • Notate Power Outlet Sources
  • Inventory and Count Displays
  • Provide Real-time Reporting with Photos

The data and information a store fixture survey provides can be a valuable asset to your store and merchandising design process. Most retail stores are a hodgepodge of fixtures and displays that have been accumulated over many years. Having the knowledge of what fixtures are in an existing store can save you hours of work and thousands of dollars. When developing store layouts and merchandising planograms, inches counts. Fitting a 4′ display into a 3′ 6″ space causes big problems. Performing a store fixture and display audit can guard against unwanted delays in the future.

Contact our team at 517-545-5540 or fill in the form below to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

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