It may be one of the most traditional kinds of businesses out there, but the convenience store isn’t excluded from the marching on of time and, in particular, the technological revolutions rocking the industry. The self-checkout is just one example of that. Here, we’re going to take a look at a few of the new technologies that might change the way that convenience stores may incorporate the latest tech in the near future.

Expanding on digital service

As mentioned, self-service checkout and point-of-sale systems are already offering more customer convenience, in part by eliminating human error but also by allowing customers to be more self-sufficient which cuts down on the amount of employee labor needed on the floor. This is expanding to include the omnichannel, which allows your store to seamlessly integrate with online shopping platforms. Not only are more stores providing online deliveries, but they’re allowing shoppers to fill their baskets ahead of time, so they can do their purchasing online before coming into the store to pick up their goods.

Connecting devices to provide more valuable information

Including more connected devices through the Internet of Things can allow store owners to more reliably display changing information without having to constantly update and print display materials. For instance, prices as the gas pumps can be updated instantly, while point-of-sale displays, and digital screens can connect with inventory systems to quickly display specials and limited time offers, informing the customer and maximizing potential profits.

Data-driven inventory

Digital inventory systems, when paired up with quick barcode scanning, make it a lot easier to see stock levels, but they are becoming much more valuable in getting insight into your consumers. You can use them to track sales, measure the success (or lack thereof) of promotions, and make predictions on trends. Loyalty systems also allow you to accurately capture data on the purchasing habits of individual customers. When combined with email marketing or digital platforms like mobile or web stores, you can use this data to highlight specific new items or deals that match their most regular purchases.

The power of the Cloud

The Cloud is allowing more and more of the business to be run online. This can reduce the software footprint and the processing power needed in the premises itself and can make it easier to deploy inventory systems, enterprise resource planning, and other software much more quickly. What’s more, for chain convenience stores, it offers a centralized space for the data from each individual location to be gathered. This can provide insights on the spending habits of the market at large, as well as measuring regional and location differences that can help you decide how to invest in each store.

This technology might not be widespread yet, but by adopting new tech early, you can offer whole new levels of convenience, insight, and service to your store and give it a unique advantage above your competitors. Keep your eyes on the horizon and always be excited about the new tech that could give your convenience stores its unique selling point.

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