Are you ignoring that elephant standing over there in the corner of your conference room? You’re probably very familiar with him…he always seems to be present but is seldom on the agenda.

It’s the compliance results of your in-store merchandising initiatives and the influence it has on your sales. So, what was your sales target for your latest program and what compliance rate did you achieve?

There are many factors which directly affect the performance of your merchandising success and few are more important than the compliance rate. When displays are not installed or the product resets are botched in just a handful of locations, your anticipated sales lift is compromised.

It’s no secret that poor or no execution at the store level is a common reason for falling short of your program goals. But an alarming mindset currently plagues the retail merchandising industry and constricts potential success. We call it – Acceptable Mediocrity.

Acceptable Mediocrity is the skeptical belief by shopper marketing executives that poor in-store execution compliance is an inevitable part of the game and there is little that can be done about it.

From our conversations at trade shows, many retailers and CPG companies are thrilled if they achieve a 70% compliance rate. Some even tolerate 50%. Others don’t have a clue what their rate is. The problem is tolerating low compliance can cost you hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in lost initiative sales.

This dangerous attitude is rooted in the notion that poor execution compliance at the store level is inevitable and there is nothing that can be done about it. The cause of this condition is the countless bad experiences of hiring substandard third party merchandisers or relying on store management to implement programs. This is often due to shortsighted cost cutting directives. The truth is that when you choose to pinch pennies for in-store execution, mediocrity is the most predictable result.

Are your initiatives suffering from Acceptable Mediocrity? Are you giving up on achieving a high compliance?

At DisplayMax, our objective on every merchandising project you entrust to us is 100% execution at every location. We accomplish this by using a proven, methodical approach. We call this “The Six Step Merchandising Execution Process.” Every step in our approach considers the critical factors and variables of your program and examines each one to reduce the number of issues common to poor in-store execution.

Retail Services Execution, DisplayMax Retail ServicesThere is no need to be complacent and fall into the trap of Acceptable Mediocrity. You designed your sales initiative program to be successful, so demand that it performs all the way to the sales floor.

To learn more about our strategy to achieve 100% execution, click here to download your copy of our “Six Step For Improving Your In-Store Execution Compliance Guide” or click on the cover image on the right.