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The DMax Factor: The Cornerstone of Who We Are and What We Do

The true culture of a company can clearly be witnessed by the dedication, accountability, and results produced by its people. At DisplayMax, our team works hard to exhibit these qualities on every project we execute for our retail customers.

about displaymax, About DisplayMax, DisplayMax Retail Services

They are the cornerstone of what we call “The Dmax Factor.”

At the core of the DMax Factor is the guiding principle that our customer’s experience should be the best experience they will have with any vendor or supplier. This simply means that they are totally satisfied with the outcome of the projects we work on.

Since 1991, Charlie and Sue Domen, the founders of our company established this mentality with the belief that you perform until you meet the customer’s expectations. Essentially, do the job we are hired to do until we fulfill the project scope of work and the customer is satisfied. This attitude is the foundation of our unique guarantee – 100% compliance on every project entrusted to us.

We achieve these standards by focusing on these key factors:

  • Work Ethic – Put forth maximum effort all the time
  • Go Above & Beyond – Provide more than the customer expects
  • Adaptability – Anticipate surprises on every project and work to solve them
  • Caring – We only exist as a company to help others succeed
  • Do the Job Correctly – Take great pride in the work and do it right the first time
  • Build Partner Relationships – Strive to be more than a vendor, our goal is to be a trusted resource

The Dmax Factor emanates from our team members in the field and by their fidelity to these factors. We are successful because of their efforts and can only achieve these standards through:

  • Integrity – Doing the right thing even when no one is looking
  • Accountability – Accepting personal responsibility and contributing to the team
  • Supporting Each Other – Helping and encouraging each other to always get better
  • Constant Improvement – Learning more to be more valuable to the team and the customer
  • Problem Solving – Every project has issues and requires swiftly tackling them head-on
  • Caring for Each Other – Our teams are often on the road and become like family to each other

As an organization, we design our policies and procedures to support and address the challenges of being part of a team that travels to retail stores throughout the country. Our management team has an attitude of looking at the person first and being flexible to meet the needs of our employees.

We believe that all for these ingredients combine to form the best retail service company in the business. To us, these are not just typical corporate values written to impress but our mission and purpose of why we exist. They are the heart of the DMax Factor and the lifeblood of our company.

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about displaymax, DisplayMax Retail Services
about displaymax, DisplayMax Retail Services

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about displaymax, About DisplayMax, DisplayMax Retail Services

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about displaymax, About DisplayMax, DisplayMax Retail Services

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