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Quality Gondola Shelving: The Foundation of a Profitable Retail Store

In retail, if you can’t properly display products in an appealing way, you won’t sell as much as you expect and will find it tough to stay in business. It’s really that simple.

The proven solution for displaying your merchandise and attracting buyers is using quality Lozier gondola shelving.  Within the structure of a well planned retail store environment, your gondola shelving gives you a versatile and flexible foundation to merchandise your products, engage customers, and generate sales.

With a vast array of heights, widths, shelf depths, and backboard options you can create a unique space that builds your brand and a loyal customer base. We stock three popular colors for immediate shipment: Platinum Beige, Charcoal Black, and Silver Gray. Our retail fixture experts can assist you to find the best gondola shelving to fill your needs. Call 810-494-0400, or click on the chatbox below.

There are three basic types of gondola units which can be combined and arranged into an effective sales floor:

End Cap Displays

End caps are single sided units used to feature sale items or profitable impulse merchandise. Typically, they are placed at the end of island gondola runs and face the drive aisles to catch the eye of the customer.

Island Gondola Units

Island gondola sections are combined to create longer runs that allow for maximum merchandising space. These versatile units allow you to use shelves or pegboard to hang product for easy customer access and shopping.

Wall Gondola Units

Single sided wall gondola allow you to utilize perimeter wall space to display merchandise. With heights ranging from 3′ to 10′ you are have flexibility to show customers all of your products large or small on shelving or peg hooks.

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Why Use Lozier Gondola Shelving?

Two words come to mind when you mention Lozier gondola shelving: quality and reliability. Having been in the retail fixtures business for 60 years, Lozier has set the standard for shelving design, quality and innovation. The quality of their products is proven over and over to the best in the industry.

When you closely examine their products you can immediately see the quality of materials and construction. They are made of high-grade American steel with clean edges and a consistent powder coated finish color throughout. These factors can easily be seen by your customers whose first impression matters most. To be sure, the majority of customers who shop in your store very rarely consider the condition of the fixtures. But they do notice them when displays are scratched, beat and battered. Bad fixtures make for bad merchandising which leads to bad sales.

When you choose Lozier fixtures, you are selecting high quality that accentuate your displays and product merchandising. Yes, holding power and weight capacity are very important but their main purpose is superb presentation. Good fixtures are designed to make a major impression without drawing attention to themselves. Indeed, you are selling products not store fixtures.

Lozier quality is reliable and built to last. There are gondola shelving units they manufactured forty years ago that are still in service today. This is because the original design of their products are so very well engineered. A standard Lozier TL shelf build today will fit that old unit without any trouble.

Of course, in the retail store environment damage happens. Carts and pallets often lose control and bang into base decks, end trim and shelves. Pegboard often is compromised by over-weighted hooks. Not to worry, Lozier component parts are interchangeable. With our vast stock of inventory, we can replace any component that reaches and untimely demise.

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