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Wall Gondola Turns Your Blank Space into a Profit Center

Do you have a wall that needs to sell more and generate more profit for you store? Or, perhaps you have a need to display more product to consolidate a specific category?

Lozier Shelving Wall GondolaVersatile wall gondola shelving fixtures are the solution for you!

Lozier retail store shelving wall units allow you to maximize your wall display space and gives you the versatility to configure your merchandise efficiently. The Lozier wall gondola comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that will enhance your store’s shopability.

For your convenience, we in-stock wall gondola in three colors: Charcoal Black, Silver Gray and Almond Beige.

The basic design of a wall gondola gives you many display options by utilizing the stability of a base deck and shelving connected to upright standards. When you choose to install slat wall into your fixtures, your display gains style, and the strength to display top products. These gondola wall units will handle the most demanding merchandising requirements.

DisplayMax Fixtures can help you select the right wall gondola configuration for your store. We stock upright sizes from 36-inches to 120-inches high and base decks ranging from 13-inches deep up to 25-inches deep. As for shelving, we can provide you sizes from 7-foot deep up to 25-foot deep. Our fixture consultants can help you choose which size will work for the product you are selling.

Click on the icons below to check out the best prices in the industry for Lozier Wall Gondola. You can also contact the DisplayMax Fixtures team for more information at 517545-5540, or fill in the form below and we will conact you to discuss your needs!

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Stocking Lozier Fixtures in Three Popular Colors

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