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Quality Store Surveys are a Critical Element for Accurate Planning

The first step of planning any successful in-store retail initiative is a thorough survey of your store existing conditions. Having accurate data on facility dimensions, fixture counts, equipment conditions, and current planogram sets are critical. Without proper information in the early planning phase, your project is sure to face costly issues and the outcome of the program will be less than expected.

Architects, planners, and designers must have a complete and detailed picture of the project to do their job. It’s very easy for a project to get out of control due to incomplete or faulty data.

At DisplayMax, our team understands how crucial the information you need is to your project success. Our team works closely with you to determine the specific data points that you require and the best survey model to insure quality deliverable in a format that you can use.

We utilize the latest technology to ensure precise survey data collection and dissemination.  These can be categorized into three different methods:

No matter your survey requirements, we can efficiently execute your surveys to the highest standards giving your design professionals the confidence of accurate exiting condition data.

3D Virtual Store Scans & Mapping

Dmax 3D Virtual Store Surveys-400px A 3D virtual store scan and mapping is the ultimate solution for the collection, dissemination, and control of interior store data. It is not your typical survey. Think of it as Google street view of your stores where you can virtually measure, tag, and notate every visual element of the facility. Its most powerful benefit is that being cloud-based it provides unparalleled collaboration between team members anytime, anywhere.

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360 Store Surveys

360 Store Survey Capture-400pxA 360 store scan captures the existing conditions within the interior of your space and integrates into your CAD drawings for easy viewing. Using 360 degree image technology, each area of your store is photographed allowing your can take a virtual tour of the space to see fixture counts, product sets, equipment, sign rebranding, and ADA compliance.

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Measure & Verify Surveys

Store Surveys Grocery Survey-400pxWhen your survey requires detailed measurements of existing conditions that only a human can provide, we have experienced team members who can execute. Using  traditional tape and laser measurements and recording, you get someone who can look under, behind and around store assets. They can also interview store management and personnel for in-depth discovery and verification of the data you need.

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