Cooler Shelving Mule Dollies

Improve Restock Efficiency and Reduce Lifting Injuries with Mule Dollies

Mule Dollies are a must-have piece of equipment for every beer cave and walk-in cooler. They are four-wheeled flatbed dollies that have a weight capacity of 350 lbs. for the jumbo, 250 lbs. for mini, and provide easy mobility and quick access to product inventory, improving in-store efficiency and reducing heavy lifting injures.

Weighing only 6 lbs, your employees can stack cases of beverages on one and easily roll it next to the shelf to be merchandised. Mule Dollies are constructed of robust glass-filled nylon with reinforced ribs for increased structural strength and impact rigidity. Each unit features heavy-duty full-rotation castors and can also be hooked together to enable large movable displays and unique in-store layouts.

A Complete Solution

Mule Dollies, Mule Dollies, DisplayMax Retail Services

Mule Dollies can be integrated with Beer Cave and Vault Shelving to create a complete stocking solution for all of your walk-in cooler product inventory.

Improve Stocking Efficiency

Mule Dollies, Mule Dollies, DisplayMax Retail Services

A well organized cooler with easy access to back stock is essential for maximizing employee effort. Mule Dollies allow them to quickly do more stocking with less effort.

Reduce Back Injuries

Mule Dollies, Mule Dollies, DisplayMax Retail Services

No more twisting and lifting when you have Mule Dollies. Easily roll the product stack to the shelf and stock from there to reduce back injures and employee downtime.

Mule Dolly Features

Mule Dollies are available in two different sizes: the Mini-Mule and the Jumbo-Mule. The Mini-Mule Dolly dimensions are 10.5”w x 16.25”L which are the perfect size for wrapped cases of water, sports and energy drinks holding up to 250 lbs.

The Jumbo Mule Dolly measure 14”W x 18.5”L, holds 350 lbs., and are perfect for cases and 12-pack beer and seltzer cases. When you join them together you can create a movable display that can be built in the back and easily rolled to the showroom floor.

One and two-piece handle sets are also available to effortlessly transport dollies throughout a beverage cooler or retail store. Solid steel J-hooks easily connect to other ADCO dollies in this line, to provide a complete, portable storage system with multiple configurations.

Mule Dollies are Built to Perform

  • Reduce heavy-lifting injuries
  • Move products effortlessly
  • 250-lbs. storage capacity
  • Tough, impact resistant
  • Portable storage system
  • Increase stocking efficiency
  • Solid steel J-hooks
  • Pull handle available
  • Connects to other dollies
  • Quick access to inventory

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Mule Dollies, DisplayMax Retail Services
Mule Dollies, DisplayMax Retail Services

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Mule Dollies, Mule Dollies, DisplayMax Retail Services

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Mule Dollies, Mule Dollies, DisplayMax Retail Services

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Mule Dollies, Mule Dollies, DisplayMax Retail Services

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