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Lozier Hand Sanitizer Stand Display

Lozier Sanitizer Stand --Dispenser & GraphicWith the high demand for hand sanitizing by customers, now is the time to upgrade to a more durable design that will last. Lozier store fixtures has developed a model that is built to endure in the most demanding retail stores. This heavy-duty unit features a two upright system with a sturdy, tubular base that can handle the inevitable contact at your store entrance.

At a height of 74”, it has a commanding presence but requires little floor space with a 17” x 19” footprint. To communicate your safety or marketing message, it includes a 12”x 24” sign holder that integrates into the stand. Each stand includes a standard graphic sign but can easily be changed to display your branding.

Each unit comes with a quality EcoLab touch-free dispenser and disinfecting foaming hand sanitizer cartridge. Refill cartridges are available so you can offer customers a continuous hand cleaning station as they enter your store.

This freestanding unit is a convenient way to make hand sanitizing products available to shoppers and includes sign holders for store branding or safety information.

Here are some important features and specifications:

  • Sanitizer Stand Unit is 74” tall
  • Tubular Steel Construction
  • Double Uprite Post Design
  • Compact Footprint – 17”w x 19”d
  • Stable Weighted Base
  • Sign Holder – Displays 12”w x 24”h Graphics
  • Includes Standard Safety Graphic
  • Includes EcoLab NEXA® Touch-Free Dispenser
  • Includes NEXA® Sanitizing Foam Cartridge
  • Sanitizing Foam Cartridge Refills are Available

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