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Retail Counters: The Launch Pad For Sales and Profitability

The design, features, and merchandising capacity of your retail counters is critical to sales success. No matter what products you sell a well-conceived checkout, cash wrap, and sales counter have a major effect on customer’s experience and your bottom line profits. These are much more than cabinets with a top,  they are where relationships are built, loyalty is nurtured, and sales are closed. Quality retail counters can be the most profitable section of real estate on your store’s sales floor.

You can select from our most popular model designs or custom design your checkout or cash wrap to your specifications. Explore our line of retail counters below or click here to set up a virtual consultation to discuss your project.

Sales Counters

Retail Counters, Retail Counters, DisplayMax Retail Services

Sales counters are designed for face-to-face interaction between customers and your staff. This design gives you a generous workspace, durable front, and focused branding. A proven winner in industrial retail supply stores.

Checkout Counters

Retail Counters, DisplayMax Retail Services

Checkout counters must maximize merchandising space to leverage the power of impulse sales. We utilize large counter tops, adjustable  front shelves, and recessed slatwall to give you many options to display these profitable products.

Cash Wraps

Retail Counters, Retail Counters, DisplayMax Retail Services

Cash wrap counters come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and configurations. We focus on “transaction flow” when designing yours. This approach focuses on customer engagement and employee efficiency during the sales process.

Convenience Store Counters

Retail Counters, Retail Counters, DisplayMax Retail Services

There are many strategies to consider when choosing your convenience store counters. Our modular approach allows you to create a counter system that fits your available space, customer flow, and maximize merchandising opportunities.

Retail Counters, Retail Counters, DisplayMax Retail Services

Our team can design, build and install an effective retail counter system that leads to higher transaction value for every customer. We can develop a wide range of counter styles and configurations that leverages your available space, integrates with store fixtures, and establishes your store’s brand personality.

DisplayMax takes this portion of your business very seriously. Our team can help you achieve greater customer transaction value with your retail counters by reviewing your customer service, sales process, merchandising and upsell/cross-sell strategies. Ask yourself, how can new counter configurations increase your average transaction value?

Impulse sale opportunities at the checkout are the lifeblood of any retail business. Are you leveraging these opportunities to increase customer basket size? If your answer is no, are the condition and design of your counters helping or hindering these sales efforts?

We can build your retail counters to the specific details of your floor plan, branding assets, storage, security, and display needs. We also consider the mechanical needs of your setup including wiring for IT Networking, landline phones, and electrical requirements.

Contact the DisplayMax retail counter experts at 810-494-0400 or fill in the form below with details of your vision.

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Retail Counters, DisplayMax Retail Services
Retail Counters, DisplayMax Retail Services

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Retail Counters, Retail Counters, DisplayMax Retail Services

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Retail Counters, Retail Counters, DisplayMax Retail Services

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Retail Counters, Retail Counters, DisplayMax Retail Services

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