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DisplayMax is Your Trusted Source for Convenience Store Shelves

Convenience Store Refresh - Gondola ShelvingSearching for convenience store shelves for your new store or remodel? When opening a new location or remodeling your current one, DisplayMax is your source for the gondola shlelving and walk in cooler shelves that you need. Our experienced fixture experts can help guide you to the right solution to make your store more profitable.

Mechandising is everything and choosing the right shelves and racking is important to the success. One of the rules of retail is “If they can’t find it, they can’t buy it.” If your you take the product presentation and merchandising flow for granted, it will cost you sales over the long term.

From our vast inventory, we stock a full line of Lozier retail fixtures and shelving units in three colors – Charcoal (Black), Silver (Gray), and Almond (Beige). Do you need decorative slat walls or standard pegboards? Not sure? Our knowledgeable consultants can guide you to match your budget with the design needs of your store.

We provide convenience stores of all sizes with high-quality Lozier gondola shelving, the most reliable and trusted brand available. Lozier gondolas feature unparalleled quality and are capable of holding up to 50 pounds of merchandise when evenly placed.

Lozier shelving is highly modular and has no problem with retrofitting to older units. A new Lozier shelf will fit your existing fixtures.

We also provide a full range of services for convenience store owners. Pretty much anything service you need inside the walls of the store can help you with including:

Our job is to help you focus on selecting the right options that will help increase your sales and make you more profitable. This includes gondola color, height, depth, width and run size. We also help you determine the most effective layout for your store foot print. There are many proven techniques that you can leverage to your advantage for leading customer’s to the most profitable items in your store. You probably are using most of them right now but are your store shelves helping or hindering the process?

We Can Help You With Your Convenience Store Floor Plan

Our team of retail experts can assist you with your store layout. Creating an effect floor plan that work is a combination of science and art. There are many studies on merchandising, product mix, customer flow and store decor that can help guide design decisions. However, the most valuable and accurate information you need can gather is from speaking with, viewing and studying the behavior of your current customers. this data can provide you clues and actionable data that can help you make sound decisions.

Taking this intelligence you can provide the best product mix that will serve their needs. With this estabilished, you can determine the amount of conveneince store shelves that you will need to display the products and how many gondola units needed to fill the floor space. Next, consider the customer flow that will occur from your entrance door to the most popular items, this could be soda, water, beer, salty snacks, candy and many others. Their journey iultimately leads to the checkout counter where much profit can be gained from impulse items. It is crucial that you leverage all of these areas.

Always follow one simple rule: be sure that you gvie them what they want and make it easy for them to find it.

Contact the convenience store shelves experts at DisplayMax today at 810-494-0400, one of our sales representatives will be on-hand to help you and answer all of your questions. Or, start a chat with us from the link below.

DisplayMax Store Layout Design
DisplayMax Convenience Store Layout Design

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