You’re doing an excellent job with liquor sales. But are you getting the maximum sales that you could be taking in? Boosting sales may be as simple as revisiting your liquor store shelving strategy and expanding your product selection.  Here are some tips on going top shelf with your liquor store sales!

Make Your Beer Cave a Custom Space

Depending on your liquor store’s footprint, you might be able to reconfigure your beer cooler. By adding walk-in cooler shelving you can offer the latest craft beer styles and increase your sales Quality shelving units can support plenty of weight, which makes this display area suitable for stocking more varieties and more case packs. Cantilevered setups are ideal. But how do you market to the shopper who’s looking for rare brands? 

These customers may be searching for single bottles of stout or six-packs of imported brews. A back wall that features a shelf with floor-to-ceiling beers can be a great option. Because customers have to travel to the back of the beer cave, they can’t help but see your specials to the left and right. Capitalize on impulse buy opportunities by displaying salty snack foods close by on an end cap outside the entrance. 

Is Your Liquor Store Shelving up to Par?

Look around your store. Are you maximizing your sales opportunities with the most effective shelving units in place? On the other hand, are you missing possible upsells? DisplayMax offers plenty of shelves you can select online. If you need a little help with a store refresh, we can help you with that, too.  

Establish or Expand Your Liquor Wall

The key to maximizing liquor sales is to offer a wide variety of spirits in a range of qualities from many different distilleries. Doing so shows your customers that when they want variety, they came to the right place. Going “top shelf” can pay off in handsome profits. Don’t just feature two or three different types of your spirits. Allocate an entire shelving section to the spirit categories. A large quantity of brand options signals to the shopper that your store is a one-step setup. Be sure not to make them go somewhere else to look for something. Your competitive position should be: If we don’t stock it, our competitors won’t have it, either  

Draw Attention to Beverage Combinations with Island Gondolas

There are always some companion products that you want to use to boost beverage category sales. Because liquor shoppers are highly motivated by visual marketing, it makes sense to set apart your most profitable products. An island gondola section makes the item accessible from all directions. That said, don’t just stock the featured liquor. Use the shelving to present accessories as well. For tequila, you might highlight coarse salt and margarita mixes. Vodka displays will do well with complementing items such as lemonade, orange juice, and club soda.   

Shot Cases Add Variety…and Profits…to Your Sales Counter

Don’t be content with just ringing up ordinary sales. Trigger the impulse buy. Shot glasses and miniature alcohol bottles introduce new brands right next to the ones that the buyer recognizes. Displayed in this context, you will trigger additional sales and get shoppers to try something new, and move them up to higher-priced spirits. It might just become their new favorite drink. We recommend placing shot cases on or near sales counters. Doing so gives your sales clerks the opportunity to make suggestions and add increase your average basket size.


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