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Help Protect Your Customers and Employees with a Quality EZ Sneeze Guard

EZ Sneeze Guard Counter Top UnitThe safety of your customers and employees is one issue that will be part of business life for many months. It’s good business and socially responsible to protect those who enter your store or office by reducing the risk of this terrible virus.

For your customers, it is a matter of trust and for your employees, it is about of peace of mind. In a convenience store it’s difficult to transact business or work 6’ apart and just as important, you never know who will walk into your store unaware that they are spreading the virus. A barrier of protection provides a quick and inexpensive solution.

EZ Sneeze Guard between your staff and employees helps stop the spread of the virus and other germs transmitted through cough and sneeze droplets. A portable, clear divider that creates a physical separation at the checkout counter, reception desk, or office workstation is a quick and inexpensive way to address this most urgent issue.

DisplayMax offers three options to choose from to fit your checkout area:

  • A portable, free-standing counter model
  • A premium portable unit with adjustable connectors
  • A hanging version that suspends from your above the counter

All three are available in 24″, 36″, or 45″ widths and custom sizes to accommodate your available space. We understand that your counter space is some of the most valuable real estate in your store. That is why our portable sneeze guards are designed to give you a generous pass-through area of 14″ from the countertop to the bottom of the protective panel. This keeps this area open instead of a small slot that can’t handle a bottle or any document size.  

Premium EZ Portable Sneeze Guard---DesktopThe premium sneeze guard gives you excellent stability and the ability to reconfigure the orientation of the main sneeze panel. This model is ideal for office and reception areas that need a higher quality appearance.

You only need a flat head screwdriver and you can switch from landscape to portrait orientation. The unit features durable metal connectors that hold the panels in place. The connectors also give it great rigidity and reduce the wobble that many inexpensive sneeze guards display. You can also connect to units together to create a wide footprint while maintaining stability. It is also possible to build two units together at right angles with hinged connectors.

Quality and durability are very important to you. That is why we use the highest quality clear acrylic panels with finished edges. In fact, we place a protective channel finish at the bottom to keep customers safe and provide superior durability. It is a fine detail that makes a big difference.

For your customer’s protection, our freestanding counter sneeze guard stands 42″ high from the top of the counter. When placed on an ADA compliant checkout counter you will have a total height of 72” or more. Additionally, this unit is designed with wide-based legs. Many of our competitors use smaller legs that are not able to take the inevitable bumps and bangs that happen on the counter. We also provide high performance, double-sided tape that you can apply to the feet to add stability to the unit and prevent it from sliding. This can adhesive can be removed with a citrus-based solvent later.

EZ Sneeze Guard Hanging Above CounterPurchasing a sneeze guard that is durable and will last is important to you. That is why we use the Griplock Cable System for suspending the hanging sneeze guard models. This aircraft-grade cable comes with the Griplock rigging which is the standard in the retail industry for sign installation. This system also allows you to adjust the height from the counter that suits your situation. Utilizing this cabling system provides peace of mind that your sneeze guard stays where it is supposed to.

We also offer professional installation services for your sneeze guards. Your sneeze guard will be delivered and installed by one of our experienced field reps. We have been providing installation services to the retail industry for over 28 years so you know the job will be done right.

Please find more details about each model of the sneeze guard below. If you have immediate questions, please contact Fred Jonaske at 586-770-4835 today.

Custom Sneeze Guards are Available – Contact Us to Discuss the Size You Need!

EZ Sneeze Guards Product Details

EZ Sneeze Guard – Portable Counter Model

This model is placed directly on your sales counter to the side of the cash register areas.

  • 3/16″ Clear Acrylic
  • 38″ Tall x 22″ Base Legs
  • 14″ Product Pass Through
  • Smooth Finished Edges
  • 24″, 36″, or 45″ widths
  • Custom Sizes Available

EZ Sneeze Guard – Premium Portable Model

This model has adjustable metal connectors for multiple configuration options including angles.

  • 3/16″ Clear Acrylic
  • Adjustable Metal Connectors
  • Smooth Finished Edges
  • Adjustable Height
  • 24″, 36″, or 45″ widths
  • Custom Sizes Avaiable

EZ Sneeze Guard – Hanging Above Counter Model

This model suspends from your ceiling or tobacco display. Includes the hanging hardware.

  • 1/8″ Clear Acrylic
  • Griplock Cable System
  • Smooth Finished Edges
  • Adjustable Height
  • 24″, 36″, or 45″ widths
  • Custom Sizes Available

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