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Generate More Sales and Maintain Social Distancing with Queuing Line Fixtures

The Coronavirus pandemic has created many new and unexpected challenges for retailers. One particular issue was discovered by a retail industry study* which found that 41% of consumers will limit the amount of time spent in a physical establishment due to fear of contamination. There is no doubt that a nervous shopper rushing through your store to purchase only what they need will have a detrimental effect on your average basket size at the checkout.

What strategies can you initiate that engages this type of edgy shopper with new purchasing opportunities?

One solution can be found by leveraging the need for social distancing around checkout areas. The well-known government guidelines suggest that your customers need to stand in line at the six-foot intervals at checkout. By installing a queuing line system that channels them toward the cash register, you can increase the amount of impulse merchandise for sale thereby recouping your average basket size. Essentially, you want to work to convert customers waiting for lines into shopping opportunities.

queing line fixtures, Queuing Line Fixtures, DisplayMax Retail ServicesQueuing line fixtures are free-standing, modular double-sided panel sections that can hold pegged or shelved merchandise similar to a standard gondola shelving unit. This point of purchase system is designed for placement in front of the checkout lane and to generate impulse purchase revenues.

Guidelines for social distancing between shoppers have created longer physical waiting lines at your checkout. By installing a four or eight-foot section of queuing line panels, you can take advantage of this additional space while increasing safety. This gives you a better chance of increasing the transaction size of that edgy shopper who wants to be in and out of the store fast.

The modular design of these retail fixtures allows you to choose many different types and colors to match your store motif. This includes the backing board of either solid Martek, pegboard, Slatwall, and even customized graphics. The shelving and accessory options are plentiful as well so you can merchandise the product to conform to any impulse planogram.

Queuing line fixtures are a multi-faceted solution to many of the unexpected issues that you now face. Below is a list for you to consider and how we can help to solve the issue.

Your Challenge

  • Conforming to government-mandated social distancing space requirements while creating more sales opportunities which increase basket size at point of purchase.
  • Establishing strategies that slow down anxious shoppers who are looking to quickly make their purchases and exit the store.
  • Creating logical and suitable barriers between customers at checkout lines that offer a variety of impulse merchandise.

The DisplayMax Solution

  • Develop a strategy to leverage your available space with fixtures that produce greater impulse sales and comply with mandated social distancing.
  • Assist you with selecting a queuing line fixture system and accessories that fit your available space at point of purchase.
  • Provide nationwide professional installation and merchandising services for your new queing line systems in all of your stores.

When integrated with an aisle realignment of your sales floor, queuing lines fixtures are a very effective way to make shoppers feel comfortable while improving your chance of greater sales. Contact our Retail Renewal Specialists to discuss the current condition of your store and to brainstorm ways we can help you maintain trust with your customers in this new retail world. Or, fill in the form below and we will contact you promptly.

* ICSC, Industry Insights “Expectations for Businesses Reopening After COVID-19” May 8, 2020

queing line fixtures, Queuing Line Fixtures, DisplayMax Retail Services

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queing line fixtures, DisplayMax Retail Services
queing line fixtures, DisplayMax Retail Services

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