The DisplayMax store refresh program is the budget-friendly and time saving alternative for small to medium retail store improvements.   Unlike a full store remodel, it won’t run into these annoying and costly issues:    

  • Store downtime. Many stores close during remodels. Depending on the scope of the rebuild, this downtime can span weeks. 
  • Upset of customer loyalty. While you close for business, your competitors are open. As your customers shop there, they may develop loyalty to new brands. It can be difficult – or impossible – to win back all your customers. 
  • Architects and engineers. While they may be nice, well-meaning people they can double the cost of your project. As soon as you decide to make major structural changes to your store, you need will need to contact them. 
  • Government red tape. There are permits to apply for and inspections to schedule. You cannot reopen until everyone signs off on your remodel. If there is a backlog of reviews, you may have to wait for a while.  

What Makes the DisplayMax Store Refresh Program Different?

For starters, by making cosmetic changes, and not knocking down walls or doing changes that require a permit. As a result, there is no government red tape to worry about. Secondly, DisplayMax representatives do the work after hours. There is no need to shut down the store.  

Your customers can continue coming to your location, and you will not lose them to your nearest competitor or jeopardize sales goals. At the same time, you still succeed in updating the look and feel of your store. By staying in step with changing tastes, your store projects a clean, contemporary look and feel that welcomes the shopper.  

How the Refresh Program Works

Refreshing your store with DisplayMax lets you take advantage of our turnkey approach. 

  1. Site survey. Our specialists visit your store to take measurements and photographs of the interior. At that time, we inventory your displays and uncover any problems. We meet with you to talk about sales trends, traffic flow observations, and your vision for the new setup. 
  2. Floor plan design. We combine our analysis of the site survey with your vision for a new store setup. At that time, we also integrate branding requirements by your suppliers into the mix. From there, we put together a design that incorporates sales trends. Of course, before we finalize anything, we contact you for input and approval.  
  3. Shelving display selection. With the new floor plan in hand, you pick out the shelving that makes the most sense for your location. This may include gondolas, checkout setups, and beverage counter configurations. You choose the styles, colors, and decorative package themes that tie the look together.  
  4. Project management and logistics planning. DisplayMax project management specialists put together the refresh scope and set up a timetable of execution. We present you with the details of the construction schedule and then work with you to find the right time frames.
  5. Store refresh. The goal is to allow you to open up each morning with a store that customers can comfortably shop in. Concurrently, we see to it that the project stays on schedule. We typically work overnight and finish the project section by section. Doing so minimizes any inconvenience to you, your staff, and your customers.  
  6. Maintenance. Your customers will enjoy shopping at the refreshed venue. However, the shelves and display counters still need maintenance. DisplayMax personnel offers periodic maintenance, repairs, and cleaning of your shelving. We can also reset the shelving to protect the like-new appearance of your refreshed store. 

At the end of the process, your store has a brand new look and feel that appeals to your targeted consumer demographic. You no longer have to worry about a tired, worn store environment that may turn customers off. Contact the retail store experts at DisplayMax today to find out more and get started on your refresh and path to increased sales.