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Utilizing these two-sided display gondola island displays is the most effective way to create an engaging traffic flow that leads to consistent sales.

We offer in-stock Lozier island gondola sections in three colors: Charcoal (Black), Silver (Grey), and Platinum (Beige). These are available in a variety of widths and heights and ready for immediate shipping.

A well-conceived floor plan is essential for any retail store. Strategically placed island gondola shelving allows you to guide your customer through the store and to your most profitable items. When customers are able to move freely from display to display, you are creating more product visibility which results in higher sales.

With the island retail display, you can merchandise on two different sides and create aisles that guide the customers to sales. Positioning is essential and island gondolas, along with end caps, give you the flexibility to create a sales environment that works for you.

If you need assistance on with choosing the units, contact our [popup_trigger id=”2077″ tag=”span”]customer service department[/popup_trigger]. They will answer your question and guide you through the process.

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