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Attract More Attention with LED Lighting on Your Gondola

Lighting is essential for achieving an optimum balance in any retail environment. To help achieve balance in the store setting, there are four types of lighting to consider:

  • Ambient lighting is the store’s main light source
  • Task lighting illuminates workplace areas
  • Accent lighting highlights specific areas to achieve focus
  • Decorative lighting is used to enhance displays

DisplayMax can help you with the latter two in relationship to lighting for point-of-purchase (POP) displays and store fixtures within your store sales floor.

Why Select LED Lighting

There are a diverse range of applications for lighting within the retail environment and there are just as many light alternatives from which to choose. From the original incandescent bulbs, to halogens, to light-emitting diodes (LEDs), each has had its place, purpose in the retail world.

A recent industry study has shown that found LED lights increased shopper
dwell time by 215 percent and that respondents in the study were 23 percent more likely to purchase the product after experiencing the display with lights than those experiencing the display unlit.

LED lights have proven to be the longest lasting and most efficient lights with respect to their small size and ability to emit light without producing heat. They are an ideal choice for store fixtures because of their cost efficiency, cool surface, low voltage, lower instance of electrocution, and compact design.

These benefits help keep energy costs low, surfaces cool, surrounding products safe, and solve most retail lighting problems. With the right supplier, these lights can be applied in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and be fabricated to complete a design. The appropriate LED lighting solution can change the complete look and feel of a display or entire retail space.

LED lights can fit into tiny spaces LED lights can fit into tiny spaces such as under shelves, above signs and within point of purchase displays. They also offer the ability to control light brightness and generate different color schemes.

Retailers can use them to establish different themes through various areas of a store – going from dark and mysterious to sunny and bright as a reflection of the brand or promotional season. The ability to develop a brand atmosphere through complete creative control results in a strategic lighting solution which can guide shoppers through a store or highlight a certain display of goods. 

For more information on adding LED lighting to your gondola shelving displays, contact the DisplayMax Fixture experts today at 810-494-0400.

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